Device Info Display

Our Free Disc Burner Platinum software also supplies a Device Info tool, a simple utility for listing all your PC's devices and their driver version numbers. With it, you can know the exact properties of CD/DVD devices and other devices, such as vendor, revision, reading/writing types, etc.

Now follow the steps below to view device information:

Step 1. Launch Free Disc Burner Platinum. Insert a CD/DVD to the disk drive, click the "More Tools" and choose "Device Info" to run the tool.

Choose Device Info

Step 2. The device info wizard scans your system for the all the CD/DVD devices connected. Choose one of the usable devices from the list (the system will choose it by default if there is only one).

Choose Burning Drive

Step 3. General device information will be listed, such as, vendor, product, buffer size, read & write speed and so on. You also can view the supported disc types by the current device, including reading & writing types. The specific features of DVD devices like region mask and RPC scheme are provided.

General Device Information

Supported Disc Types

DVD Features

Step 4. Then you can have a review of supported reading & writing modes by current device. What's more, the general information about inserted CD/DVD disc is displayed. Now, you have known more about your disc drive!

Supported Modes

Inserted Disc Information