Several Data Backup Methods

What is the most irreplaceable & valuable part of you computer? No doubt it's your personal data: photos of family and friends, video of wedding ceremony, secret business files, registration information of various accounts... Also, there are many factors that may cause unexpected and irrevocable data loss, like harddrive failure, internet worms & viruses, accidental deleting, etc. See? That's the necessity for all of us to back up the important data. Here are several great ideas to prevent data from loss and store it.

USB Flash Drive: this is indispensable for quick saving of small data as it makes data transfer between computers a breeze. Just run your computer, plug the flash drive to a US port and it will be recognized and appears in "My Computer".

DVD Writers: I think everyone with data to safeguard should get a DVD writer, with price down to under $20. These drives are brilliant at backing up larger data, allowing up to 8.4GB of information to be stored on one disc. An easy CD/DVD burner tool would help you out with burning data.

External Hard Drives: these are exactly the same type of hard drive you'll find in your computer, but with a shiny little case. Capacities of external hard drives are rapidly increasing while the prices are steadily falling, making them an attractive option for data storage.

Internal Hard Drives - The installation of a second hard drive isn't difficult, but does require a basic understanding of the inner working of a computer which may scare off some users. This is a great way to keep your important data, photos and music files off your primary hard drive meaning even if your computer dies, your files remain safe and sound.

Online Storage: online data storage companies provide storage on a remote server so you can access your data wherever you are in the world, provided you have access to the internet. Try to find some well-known and reliable companies.

Make a Second Copy: please get in the habit of making at least monthly backups of your data & check the usability of them - and by backup, I mean a second copy. Archiving the data to a single DVD and then deleting them from your hard disk is not a second copy.