CD/DVD Burning Tips for Long-Lasting Quality

Burn quality is one of the important long-playing factors for recordable CDs (CD-Rs) or recordable DVDs (DVD-R or DVD+R). A good quality burning from CD/DVD burner means that there is a low error rate on the disc after recording. The process of burning a disc is very simple, but we'd like to give you a few tips when you are trying to create the best discs.

Firstly, it is the most important to choose a good quality disc. Very cheap discs whose brand names are not recognized widely will cause poor quality burns. So it is better to choose good quality discs with brand names.

Secondly, it is necessary to select a good quality CD/DVD burner. It is a good choice to use a high quality CD/DVD burner with brand name to create good recordings instead of using cheap and poor one.

Thirdly, make sure that disc is clean prior to recording it. The disc which is full of dust and fingerprints will also create poor quality burns. You can use a compressed air duster to remove dust and use a soft cloth in a radial (not circular) direction to wipe fingerprints. Sometimes it is necessary to moisten the cloth to remove fingerprints. Wipe carefully and avoid scratching the disc. Remember that any scratched or damaged media is avoided to use.

The last tip is concerned with burning speed. Some users think that the fast speed will produce the best discs while others think the lower speed is good. Both are not correct. It is better to choose moderate speed to burn discs if you want to get the best quality. 8x to 12x is available for CD-Rs recording and 4x to 8x for DVDs. It is also necessary to choose the middle of the recommended recording range for erasable media.

Adhering to the above tips will help you produce good quality recorded CDs and DVDs. In the end, it is essential to have a try and read the disc first in the drive which recorded the disc. And then check out other DVD CD burners or DVD CD drives to make sure that good compatibility exists between the disc and different equipments.